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|Illegibilus-Amy Deasmhumhain|[old] by Sparks-Frost |Illegibilus-Amy Deasmhumhain|[old] by Sparks-Frost


Prefered method of rp: Skype CrystalSparks16 (I will also do notes or google docs but I'm super forgetful with notes, be warned!!)



New and improved! If you want to compare her to her old app, you can see it here!

her theme song according to LittleWolfHands --->…


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Little Doodle Dump by Sparks-Frost   ||Illegibilus: Genderbend Meme|| by Sparks-Frost |Illegibilus-Through The Years| by Sparks-Frost |Illegibilus-Yule Ball| by Sparks-Frost Seventh year:ILGB: Amy Deasmhumhain by Sparks-Frost


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Name: Amy Deasmhumhain
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130lbs
Birthday: January 14th
Nationality: Irish-American
Blood Status: Halfblood(?? sorta?)
House: Gryffindor
Year: Sixth (Transferred from Beauxbatons this year)

|CLUMSY| |Passionate| |Disorganized| |Loyal| |Fearless| |Extroverted| |Dedicated| |Easily Frustrated|
She's high strung and kinda odd, easily seen as an outlier. Most people would think she's an introvert at first glance since she's often off in her own little world, but spend 2 seconds with her and you realize she's insanely crazy. Especially when she starts talking to Godric and holding him up like some Simba replicate. She LOVES to tease people herself, and at first it may seem like she's in control of a situation, but as soon as someone starts teasing her, she's ruined. ((YOU PEOPLE COULD TURN THE TABLES SO QUICKLY COME ON))
While she's not afraid of anything, she's easily flustered by PRETTY boys if they get the drop on her and she's not the instigator. Especially one Mr. Huffle Huff. If they're just straight up hot and bangable that's a different story. She can also come off as a bit dumb, and doesn't seem to take life very seriously. She tends to go by Amy D or Amy Deas for people who have a hard time with her name (aka everyone). She's never forgotten her first friend, Pierre Roiser, and was ecstatic to meet him again.

"Godric, my love! How beautifully your fur glistens in the , morning sun! I am forever yours!"

History ignore everything in here about Pierre //shot History and family is correct on the Year Seven App
She was born in Ireland, and grew up with Pierre,
learning about muggles and magic, deeply loving both worlds for different reasons. There were no other children aware of magic around her except Pierre, so their friendship was incredibly deep. It was hard on both of them when Amy's parents packed her up and moved to France just after her tenth birthday. She enrolled in Beauxbatons and spent 5 years there. She never made many friends there, as many of the student's haughty attitudes repulsed her, and she kept company with Godric. She had to focus a lot on her studying because her classes were so hard, which is why when her parents moved to London her sixth year they didn't tell her it was because of Pierre's father, Finn Rosier, going into a coma. This year her parent's called for her to come to London and transfer to Hogwarts because they wanted to be closer to her. However, because Beauxbatons does their OWLS in the 6th year, and Hogwarts do them in their 5th, she had to take Hogwart's OWLS before she started. She likes Hogwarts much better, and was thrilled to be put in Gryffindor, the house created by the man she idolizes. She already realizes she fits in much better here and has actively pursued making new friends, who she's already desperately fond of.

"Hey Godric, it looks like there are actually normal people here! I might actually be able to make some friends. N-not that you aren't enough!!"

|Mom| Sophie Deasmhumhain- A halfblood. She works with banks across Europe designing projects for them. She dearly loves Amy and her younger son, who she absolutely adores. Originally from Ireland, she lived in France with Jace for two years before moving to England to be with Pierre's mother, Océane, in her time of need. She was childhood friends with Finn (they actually had an arranged marriage because he was wealthy and her family had the appearance of wealth but had fallen on hard times and so arranged the marriage to get money. In order to end the engagement neither of them wanted, Sophie told Finn's parents that they were actually broke, leaving them both able to marry the people they were actually in love with.) It was very hard on her when she found out about his coma. She tried to support Océane, but despite her best efforts, Océane couldn't handle the emotional pressure and disappeared. Sophie is very fond of Pierre but she figured it best to stay out of his life while he was going through these hard times, a decision she obviously regrets since she had Amy transferred from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts.

"And how's Pierre holding up, Océane?"

|Dad| Jace Deasmhumhain- A mild mannered man who was born into a pure-blood wizard family but is a squib. He was shunned for his inability to do magic and disowned from the family. He was originally from Ireland, but was shipped overseas to America to live with a family who adopted him. His adopted mom was a muggle-born wizard who was infertile, and one of her friends knew the Deasmhumhain family and told her about Jace. She took pity on him because she knew he would always be different from the other muggle kids just because of his ability to see the magical. She and her husband (also a muggle-born wizard) raised him like their own and taught him all about his heritage, including Hogwarts (as they were originally from Britain). When he was old enough, he returned to Ireland and met Sophie. As Amy was growing up he taught her everything he knew about the wizarding world, and Océane taught her as well, never able to sate her undying interest. He is the one who taught her the ideals of Godric Gryffindor and began her obsession with him. 

"Amy you should always strive to be noble and brave, just like Godric Gryffindor."
"Okay Daddy!"

|Brother| Ian Deasmhumhain- Her 9 year old old little brother. She thinks he looks weird and isn't too fond of him.

Pierre Roiser - She considers him family, as she grew up with him, being babysitted as babies by the other family, and being close until they were 10 (aka when her family moved to France). When they were in elementary school, they were ostracized for their fascination with magic, and sometimes the other kids would be so mean he would cry. She'd beat up anyone who made him cry or messed with him. Even though she's only a month older, she always felt very protective of him. After their separation, both of them wrote letters to each other that they never sent. Neither of them had any idea that they would be meeting at Hogwarts, something secretly arranged by Sophie. How they'll react to their reunion and the changes both of them have undergone…we will see.

Likes and Dislikes
+Godric Gryffindor (She's a wee bit obsessed with him. If a wee bit means a lot)
+Godric (her cat. For obvious reasons)
+Writing novels
+Cute blonde boys (Isn't Huffle Huff blonde? hmmmm)
+Computers (It kills her that she can't use one during the school year. She's very fond of muggle things. Plus it's hard to write novels on scrolls)
+Muggles! Her dad is a squib and her mom is a muggle, so she pretty much grew up with muggle things and she's pretty attached to some of the things.
+Sticking pencils in her hair bun. Her hair is too fine to hold pencils well, and so they're always falling out and she blames the ghosts because she just doesn't understand that they fall. Poor Headless Nick.
+Studying! She finds all thing magical SO amazing, so she loves studying above and beyond for her classes! though she's pretty average in her studies //shot
+PEOPLE. She was more of an introvert at Beauxbatons since she didn't really fit in, but now she's let her personality run free and is definitely one of the loudest kids around.

-Birds (She has a strong allergy. She hates when the owl post is delivered. It makes her eyes run and her nose itch.) 
-Bright light. She has really, really light sensitive eyes. She likes the softly lit corridors of Hogwarts a lot better than the bright and shining Beauxbatons. She reads in the dark a lot and stays up late for the lack of light and because of that tends to get bags under her eyes every now and then.
-Her glasses. She thinks they look dumb so her eyes only get worse. 
-QUIET PEOPLE. YOU LADS AND LASSES NEED TO LIGHTEN UP. (If you're a quite person she's gonna drag you around like a carpet be prepared)
-Green beans. They're gross.
-Tea. Never has. Gross leaf-water

Elective Classes:
Care of Magical Creatures: She's grossly fascinated by them but is usually creeped out by them as well. And when they have's just a nightmare.

"Today we're going to be looking at Hippogriffs--"
"Oh crap."

Apparition: She turns 17 during the school year, so fortunately she gets to take this class. When she first learned about apparition (from seeing Pierre's mom do it) she's always wanted to know how. She's thrilled that she can finally learn how. (she tried once by herself and splinched the top of her right ear. She swore off of it until she got a license)

"Professor, we're going to know how to avoid splinching ourselves, right?"

Extra Curricular:
Ancient Studies: She's always interested in mastering new spells, and ancient magic seems really cool, so she decided why the heck not?
Study of Ancient Runes: Old magic is cool magic.

She focused on healing and protection spells!
Protego! ;
- - Shields the wand bearer from minor spells, charms, and hexes
Ferula! ;
- - Bandages a wounded body part on whoever the wand is aimed at

Rennervate! ;
- - Appears to rouse an unconscious person.
Ventus! ;
- - Shoots thin cord rope out of your wand. Once it's out you can control the rope
Episkey! ;
- - Heals minor injuries
Legilimens ;
- - The caster can see victim's memories. Only wizards who can fully cast the spell see clear memories. This is her strongest spell and she worked quite hard on it.

Wand Ingredients
Core: Dragon heartstring
Length: 13in
Wood: Holly
 Slightly Springy

(stars-friendship feelings, hearts-romantic feelings, flames-rival feelings)

:bulletred:Tristan Llewellyn-"We ran into each other when our cats were fighting over a treat, and we really hit off right off the bat. As in I instantly hated his guts and he detested me. But we're both a bit competitive and he ruffled my pride (idiot thought he could out drink me) and so off we went to the Three Broomsticks. Unfortunately for both of us, it seems like we get a little physical when under the influence. Okay so maybe we made out a lot and MAYBE I let him take me up to a spare room and MAYBE we had sex. Maybe. I mean, I'm pretty sure. When you wake up pretty much naked next to someone with next to no memory of the previous night...well... you know. Even more embarrassingly when we both woke up we pretty much almost had hate sex. At least until the owner interrupted us. That was embarrassing. Now we've got this awkward sexual tension and I don't even know." Tristan: "You know, I don't even like you that much." Me: "Who said I liked you either?" (I know what a moron. A moron I think I had sex with...and then actually tried too.) :flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::heart::heart::heart: FOR CLARIFICATION THEY NEVER ACTUALLY HAD SEX

:bulletred:Marie Sexton- "As of right now, I'm going to murder this chick. Get out of my bed I'm trying to sleep why are you even more invasive than me obviously this is God paying me back for being obnoxious to everyone else but for the love let me sleep." " “F IS FOR FRIENDS WHO DO STUFF TOGETHER. U IS FOR YOU AND ME. N IS FOR ANYWHERE AND ANYTIME AT ALL—” "SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE I JUST WANT TO SLEEP." :flame::flame::star:

:bulletred:Kaelum Sadler- "Little prick. He's a know it all brat and I'll be sure to show him what's what. "If you EVER kick me again, you little snot, I'll kick your butt into next week! We can play nice, or we can play mean, I don't have a problem with either one!" :flame::flame::star:(????)

:bulletred:Izzy Azarola- "This girl is crazy I think? Also I think she hates Dimitri." :star:

:bulletred:Artemis Eisler- "??????Awkward sexual tension??????? but he has really  nice muscles" Arte: "They're hard, right?" Amy: "Mhmmm....VERY hard. And VERY nice."  :heart::star:(??????)

:bulletgreen:Pierre Roiser-"THIS GUY. THIS GUY. I managed to find him again in Hogwarts thanks to Dimitri, and LET ME TELL YOU HE IS MY FAVORITE PERSON. If ANYONE messes with him I've got his back. It's so amazing that after all these years he was just as excited to see me as I him. I'm so happy!" :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

:bulletgreen:Dimitri Leshchyov- "I'm pretty sure this guy thinks I'm a little kid. I mean, the dude talks like a stuffy old man. He probably drinks tea all the time, which is gross. Never did like that stuff. We met through my lovely cat, you know he just ate the guy's snail or something. Dimi totally freaked out. But of course, Godric wouldn't ever really hurt a pet. Also are all Slytherins this weird? The only good thing I can say about this guy so far is that he helped me connect with Pierre again. Also his girlfriend is WAY out of his league. She's ADORABLE and he's stuffy." "Wow! Hey, take a second to breathe! You look like you're about to die!"  "n-NO TIME TO BREATHE. GIVE ME BACK MY SNAIL WOMAN!!"


:bulletyellow:Sai Valentine- "SHE IS SO CUTE. I really think she's adorable! And her little bat too. Godric likes it as well, which is weird, but he's never met a bat before. Anyway, she's been super nice to me and I think we're going to be really good friends. Her blue hair is legit. I can definitely see her as being my best friend." "That's awesome that you can be in the same house as your idol!" "FINALLY someone who doesn't shoot me down for liking someone who died a long time ago!" :star::star::star::star::star::star:

:bulletyellow:Alice Barry- "This chick made me think that there was a Hufflepuff dark wizard around. She played on my gullible side so I'll get her back... Which I tried to do with a big ol kiss right on her mouth! She probably doesn't like me much now, but I'll try to make it up with..ugh...tea or something. Also I think she's upset at me for the Samuel incident?" "Ouch! HEY. You're the one who asked how I kiss? I was trying to show you. Jeez, don't be askin someone something like that if you're not expectin an answer!" "I, I just couldn't have you kiss me! You can't do that to people Amy, you just can't!" "The lass slapped me." //ming :star::star:

:bulletyellow:Zia Pendleton- "I traumatized her. All these Hufflepuffs probably hate me. I can't believe how stinkin' adorable she is." :star::star:

:bulletyellow:Samuel Morse- "Another person I traumatized. I kinda made out with the guy and I think he probably hates me? Woops." :star:

:bulletyellow:Ein Schutzhauer
- "The most adorable girl ever. We've had a lot of interesting adventures already. I hope I don't scare her off!!" :star::star:

:bulletyellow:Huffle Huff (She doesn't know his real name yet!)- "HE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL. I HAVE NEVER MET SOMEONE AS SHINY AS HIM. MY HEART CAN'T HANDLE IT. I AM IMPURE AND GROSS COMPARED TO HIM. I COULD WORSHIP THE GROUND HE WALKED ON." "O-oh! Sorry! I didn't mean to run into you! Y-youre a Huffle Huff, right? I-I MEAN HUFFLEPUFF SORRY!!" “Ah! Miss Gryffindor. Please wait! Your books…” :heart::heart:(????IDOL???)

:bulletblue:Keira Flanagan- "MY HATRED FOR THIS GIRL BURNED BRIGHT. SHE'S GOT SOME GUTS CHALLENGING ME. HER AND HER STUPID LITTLE OWL. EXCEPT NOW WE WEIRDLY BONDED AND ARE FRIENDS." :flame::flame::flame::flame::flame::flame: (???) :star::star::star: (?????)

Name: Godric
Gender: Male
Personality: He absolutely adores Amy and loves to lay on her in any way possible, often getting under her feet when she's trying to do something. He follows her everywhere, but if she tells him to stay put he grudgingly agrees. He is very possessive and defensive of her and tends to strongly dislike anyone who approaches her, ESPECIALLY other animals. When he first meets Pierre and hates him to the extreme because Amy is obviously so fond of him. He hates Huffle Huff and his ferret too.

:bulletred: Since she spent 5 years in France, she can speak French pretty well. It'd be kinda weird if she didn't…
:bulletred: She has an Irish accent still, though it's very, very mild, and she tends to downplay it. Unless she's drunk or angry. 
:bulletred: Red is her favorite color >///< Red earrings, streak of red hair. Red. 
:bulletred: Her right eye has a weird bit of green in it.
:bulletred: SHE'S SUPER PALE. doesn't like the sun much //shot

:bulletred: She doesn't care that her dad is a squib. In fact, she's proud of it because she loves him a lot. So if anyone finds out she's got a squib dad and tries to use it against her, she just laughs at them. She also picked up a lot of American lingo from her dad, and so she talks like that because she thinks it's cool.
:bulletred:Apprently she's really grumpy if you jump in her bed while she's trying to sleep. THE BED IS A SACRED PLACE OKAY. //COUGH Marie //COUGH
:bulletred:She doesn't let many people know but she has a secret hideout in the Forbidden Forest. So far she's avoided detention....//sweats nervously

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